A new Photoshoot for Laney at Barbertown Worcester, the location being the first of many, we where set the goal of establishing the new look and style which will be run out for Web, press, brochure and ad’s.

The aim was to produce four images during the day, along side a Video shoot, we pitched up early on Sunday morning with fabulous weather and a abundance of natural light flooding through the window, the vibe of the day was a to capture a relaxed session utilizing the daylight only supplemented with minimal flash, most of the look of the final image would be achieved in post production.

          The team to assist Ross Vincent photographer in no particular order Paul able bodied assistant, models Proc aka Paul Prokopiv, Jon Bourne owner of Barbertown doubling up as perfect model, Demma and Laura, Elizabeth Catrell Videographer and designer, Simon Marketing Director and James Owner from laney

The location being perfect for our needs with an intriguing mix of originality and retro chic but retaining an authentic vibe, we where made welcome with great coffee and even a beer.