Finished Edit and processing of some new Industrial work, great job, great client and well pleased with results, I can now claim to be a expert at plasma cutting photography.

Dramatic photograph of plasma cutting metal with a shower of sparks

  A large commission of 6 days, at locations throughout the country  by Esprit Automation.  A specialist manufacturer of CNC flame & plasma cutting machines, it was great to get such a substantial and meaty Industrial photography j0b.

            The imagery was required for their new Website and to provide image for a new Library of fresh resources

            I spent a couple of days at their manufacturing base in Nottingham to break me into the Plasma process, where I had more control over lighting and the environment. That proved to be invaluable, as the difficulty of the photography did come as a slight shock.

                        It was the extreme contrast between the arc of the cutting torch, the machine itself and the surroundings of the factory. Add to that it’s constantly moving and producing a different plume of sparks or smoke depending on the stages of the cut, thickness of metal, and where it is positioned on the cutting bed.

            Then off on our travel’s to Esprit Clients to photograph recently installed machine, showing them doing the work they are designed for. Traveling up to Newcastle, over to Tamworth and Leicester and back to Nottingham.

            Each client at each location was brilliant putting up with all the usual photography request, ‘this is defiantly the last time, sorry just one more.’ 

            With all the technical challenges I am extremely pleased with the end results, with such a large commission you can’t help but become familiar with the processes and something of a expert at plasma photography.I do enjoy the Challenges that Industrial Photography throws up, with all the difficulties of the lack of light and sometimes dirty plants, to craft a powerful image still gives me a kick.