Beer Product Photography at Wye valley,

Wye valley Brewery in Hereford commissioned us for their new product Beer Product Photography predominately for the new web site and as general collateral for marketing and publicity. It was always going to be a long one with 7 beers to do including the new lager.

It was decided to go to the Brewery and set up a shooting space as they had the room and the beer was on Tap ! so car full of perspex, card, light, boom arms and all the necessary equipment for the Beer, syringes, tweezers, cotton buds,spoons,cleaning clothes,gloves the list seemed endless.
Beer Product Photography - Ross Vincent Photography

The initial set up as usual took ages, just making a secure table which was flat and level and the right height was a job in itself, the light were positioned mostly through the Perspex a the back so the liquid glowed, with one light over the top and just another from the side the set took shape but once the card reflector’s where added there just remained the problem of how to get the beer on the set with a clean glass, correct amount and a perfect head !!.


After pulling off what seemed about 50 pint’s Paul managed to deliver to me a pretty good head and with some carefully topping up with a jug the shoot started to progress. All was fine put each time we changed product from their fantastic HPA to the Golden Bitter we had to relearn the quality and characteristics a fresh.

It’s been a few years since I used to do Beer for the likes of Marston’s, Carling and John Smiths but you never forget and with the use of photoshop things have become a lot easier.