Overcoming the weather for dramatic location photography,

I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of working on a fantastic campaign for Stihl commissioned by Hroc. Four days at four different locations, initial worries about being outside during the winter were to be realized with a mixture of wind, rain, and freezing temperatures. This certainly tested the photographic gear and all-weather clothes, it’s great when location photography work’s for you instead of against, it is these harsh conditions which I believe greatly added to the atmosphere and feel of the shots

Marston Vale Forrest ideal location for Stihl,

The first location was at Marston Vale Forrest and nature reserve near Bedford where after a recce we had worked out various areas for the 5/6 images we needed to get done, arriving in the rain it didn’t look too hopeful but it soon cleared and the first couple where under a canopy of trees which kept the drizzle off, and the help of a large umbrella over the computer. A full, busy and hectic day but very successful one helped by the hire of some profoto B1’s these outstanding battery lights made the setup and moving to each location a breeze.

The basis of the campaign focused on real users in a real situation, the product photography brief was to show use and wear to convey the pro aspect of Stihl equipment. The models for this day where Anna Charles head ranger and Chris Pratt Arborist and forester and what a fantastic job they made of it taking directions all day, it was a long day cold and a bit rainy but if anyone is used to being outside all day it was these two professionals, it’s great when location photography all comes together the recce paid off and although the weather wasn’t great this all added to the mood archived.

Ed Mowe Leicester’s Head groundsman, 

The second day was a split location morning at Leicester Tigers training ground then the afternoon at Welford road Leicester’s ground we were given access all day and the collaboration of Ed Mowe head groundsman. Another successful day it was one of those cold January day’s with the low sun but freezing in the shade.

Tom Youngs Leicester Hooker out in the rain for Stihl, 

We rocked up to Brooksby Melton college to photograph Tom Youngs the Leicester and England hooker, and what a great and obliging professional he turned out to be, it was an all-day shoot almost dawn to dusk and this is where the elements took a turn for the worse  throwing driving rain and wind at us for most of the day. He had to take the usual photographic direction the call of just one more, little to left, all in the cold, wind and rain what a star.

The final location was to be a house building site again we were lucky with the patience of your builder/model for the morning Tom Massey the storm cloud’s visible in  the distance but we managed to get it done before the rains came, again the profoto was invaluable and with the TTL I could react to the rapid changing of light and mood, however, it was probably the muddiest place I have ever shot in.