Annual Report Photography

This year’s Marston’s annual report portrait session on location at the Lost and Found on Bennetts Hill, Birmingham centre. A bit more frantic than usual, three set-ups, 8 board members, very early start all done by 10 o’clock.Only just had enough soft boxes.

After a quick recce I picked out three area’s within the Pub, first was the seating booth area, second was standing at the bar with product, and lastly relaxed in a high stool. I had to cover a portrait of each board member at each of the three area’s all within a short time frame.

I had to bring enough gear for the three set ups, so three set’s of lights, three set’s of soft boxes, and plenty of stands.

Overt he years I have done many annual report photography the majority have been portrait but additionally I have been tasks with covering the core business which could be Industrial, manufacturing, and corporate shoots.

Thanks for the recommendation from Steve at Emperor Design.