The great Tony Iommi, legendary lead guitarist from Black Sabbath, was the subject for this one for Laney Music and Gigson guitars.

Location at the legary Rich Bitch recording studios,

This was a super cool shoot, the location Rich Bitch the home of so many famous Birmingham bands.

In addition to Black Sabbath, Slade, Alvin Stardust and Napalm Death recorded there ! to many a few,

Rich Bitch Studios is a major part of Birmingham’s rock heritage.

I am sorry it has gone the way of property development now, part of student accommodation for Birmingham Uni.

Tony was so relaxed and a super guy, easy to direct and a pleasure to work with.

I must say he was one of the nicest ‘mega famous celebrities‘ I have had the pleasure to Photography.

Photography for Laney Music and Gibson a very relaxed and fun shoot.

Laney has been one of my oldest clients having worked for them for at least 20 years, on various projects, from studio shots to artists, band locations, and fire-breathing performer.

Tony Iommi for laney Music and Gibson guitars

Set up was quiet quick and simple, starting with a black Colorama, which I have used very infrequently.

Some big softboxes, I even used the large Elinchrom Litemotiv Indirect octa, a monster of a light to help with reflections on the guitar.

Tony Iommi fro Black sabbath in Rich Bitch studios Birmingham
A less serious one