Samsung commercial microwave in kitchen environment

It was great to be commissioned by Barques to shoot a collection of images for Samsung’s range of professional microwaves, but the caveat came we would be working through the night!

The Photography for Samsung Microwaves required a well packed car, full to its limits for this location photography assignment and hit the road, as unsure of what I would need, better to take too much.

The location was at Samsung’s amazing Headquarters in Chertsey Surrey very impressive setup. We were working in the staff restaurant which had a Sandwich bar, salad bar, various hot food options, Hot potatoes, a noodle bar all freshly cooked, basically, everything you could want, all at a subsidized price, they certainly look after their staff.

We arrived about Lunchtime to take advantage of a good look around and to sample some of the fantastic food on offer, We weren’t due to start until about 5.00 but managed to get the first shot underway by 3.00. As it was Friday it soon cleared.

Technically challenging mostly due to the small food preparation kitchens we were working in, and the nature of the Microwaves reflecting everything and every light. The photography for Samsungs Microwaves tested my experience to the limit calling on all the tricks and power of photoshop to give some cracking results

I overcame most of the problems by using reflected lights hitting a large clean reflector which managed to keep the reflections clean.

That combined with double exposure shots, which Scott, director at Barques, art director and master retoucher combined into the final images.

Finally, credit must go out to the client and staff who ended up as our models both fitted the brief perfectly, all went better than expected, Fun and rewarding shoot, with it all done and cleared away by 2.00 and back onto the M40 and home.