Hot Rolled Tarmacing on the M6

Aggregate Industries using the widest asphalt paver in Europe the heavy-duty ABG Titan set about re-surfacing a closed section of the M6 in the middle of the night. The technique was to hot rollover hot tarmac known as hot on hot, the pavers feed by a supply of fresh hot tarmac using a conveyor to keep the machines rolling.I was sent off with a full suit of Orange fluorescent jacket and trousers, hat, safety spec and steel-capped boots to cover the first of it’s kind double hot laying of tarmac, arriving at 10.00 pm for a safety briefing and a do’s and don’t like to watch out for the massive lorries running up the fast lane!

Commissioned by HROC for Aggregate Industries to cover the first double hot tarmac, on the southbound M6 by junction 26, all became clearer when escorted from the depot and driven onto the closed M6, approx 30 men all waiting for the ferry of massive trucks bring hot loads of Tarmac from the plant in a continuous stream of a lorry after lorry.

Technically Challenging

There is night and night or should I say dark and dark this stretch of Motorway was without lighting so where there was no light from the lamps on the vehicles, it was pitch black, at 1200 iso which is as high as my 1DSIII goes up to it was a struggle, well the client said he wanted them atmospheric.