Ciena Corporation Telecommunications Giant,

A great Commission  to provide a new batch of executive portraits for their marketing and social sharing. Ciena are a global supplier of telecommunications equipment, software and services, its products are used in telecommunications networks operated by telecommunications service provider, cable operators, governments and businesses, founded in 1992 and based in Maryland USA.That said a great company and a pleasure to work for.

The location was at their London office in the City, but for once a parking space was provide ! that’s got to be a first in the center of London, after a quick look around I was spoilt for choice as their top floor was solely made up of meeting rooms and breakout spaces with lot of light, space and depth a perfect fit for the brief.

We had the luxury of plenty of set up time great client liaison and a constant supply of coffee, the sunlight streaming through the windows was the icing on the cake. I kept the set up and lighting to a minimum, two soft boxes at the front, high and low, and a strip box on the right all on low power to achieve a working aperture of around f8 to keep some focus but throw the background well out.

Hair and make up for Executive portraits,

Kellie Licorish from Alan Sharman did a fantastic job keeping everyone relaxed the natural and light make-up complimented the style I was trying to achieve,she also helped check appearance and tie straightening. Assistant Sue keeping everyone distracted by her constant talking.We soon managed to get through the numbers as they only had a hour between meetings but we even had time for a quick impromptu group shot which did turn a bit messy !

Corporate group portrait

executive group shot for Cinea