Battling the Scottish spring with Rain, Hail, Snow and eventually Sun commission, for Retail Park Photography

I Consulted a route planner booked a couple of hotels brought a audio book for the journey, stocked up with water, fruit and sweets and hit the road to what seamed like 10 day’s road trip living out of the car, not only driving but waiting for the sun and the torential rain to clear away, ground to dry out, people to arrive,  people to go, car’s to pass, then car’s to pass with their light on, and smokers to stop smoking.

Luckily I had taken two coats, hat and scarf,  it might be May but the  temperature in Scotland must of been 10 degrees colder with snow and hail to contend with, but still the locals went shopping with t-shirts and shorts on?

This fantastic commission covering involved providing GVA with a library of retail park photography, the location where spread all over the UK. They had just been appointed estate managers for three substantial retail parks by Ares the owners, and needed to update there location photography library.

Kingsway Park Dundee,Team Valley Gateshead and Meteor Park Darby.

To cater for the upcoming marking requirements.Following on from initial talks the locations where revealed  Derby Meteor Centre, Team valley in Gateshead and Kingsway Retail Park Dundee thats a lot of driving!!

To produce a selection of retail park photograph’s that cover’s off the brief, which was ‘strategic and tactical marketing support to develop new identities for the schemes, produce a new leasing brochure, website, social media channels, print advertising and signage amongst other items.’ they required it all covered,from life style to architectural,over view to detail, key tenants and night time images.

With retail park photography you are some what in the hands of the god’s, yes you can roughly work out where the sun is going to be, at what time but until you get there and see it is difficult to truly predict, and then you might be there on the right day and at the right time, and the right amount of people, not to many and not to few and a good number of cars so it look’s busy you’re  there camera on tripod the shot you have been waiting for a a huge deliver lorry parks right in your way and when approached to see if he wouldn’t mind moving  “F… off “we’ve all got a job to do.

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