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Camera Set up over patio

Waiting for the sun to move round would have liked 10 minutes of that yesterday as it took 5 hour to get a full 2 mins. I was concerned enough with the extreme heat to cover the camera as it toped 30 degrees happy days.

Summer Job In the Country

Just completed one of the biggest, Longest most exhausting but enjoyable jobs I have ever done. Garden patios for HROC,12 weeks on and off, for their clients Aggregate Industries and B&Q. On location in Belbroughton, in probably the best summer since 76 ( i am afraid i can remember it) achieved by a massive team […]

Phil “the Power” Taylor

Phil “the Power” Taylor for Rave Communications, shot on the back of a video shoot at Top banana studios for Werner, with production by Ed Duffield at newlynproductions Very nice Guy and extremely patient after a hard day.

Lycamobile Man for SP Group

Lycamobile man for SP group/St Ives hard and demanding shoot for all after wearing the world for 6 hours the models own head must of felt that size.

HROC Garden Studio Set

Build of big, big, big garden studio set for HROC, thanks to all Grev, Juliet, Graham and Paul, all had a bad back at the finish of the two weeks, finished shot to follow once it has been printed

Improving My Photoshop Skills!

I have Been improving my photoshop skills, never really invested enough time to it just got by. It needs to be done, it does seem very daunting at first but it is fairly intuitive once you get some basic skills. Still not great, but getting there, those layers still confuse the hell out of me. […]

Photographic Shoot for Laney Amps

Custard factory Location options are endless Not too far to travel for this one, which is going to be brilliant in the future. We used the outside of my new studio complex at the Custard Factory for a photographic shoot last week for one of my oldest clients  Laney Amps. These new products are portable Amps used on […]

New Brand Design from Barques

  New Identity took me over a year to get around to it, but couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks to Scott at Barques Design Just mailers, website, portfolio, e-marketing to do?

Christmas For Poundland

Christmas location photography for Poundland in a Beautiful house in Worcester, ironically on the hottest and sunniest day of the year so far.

B&Q Studio Garden Photography Shoot

Studio garden photography at Studio 202 with HROC for B&Q, with help from the team, physically demanding hard work, but managed to finish in time and to budget.

Studio Move to the Custard Factory

No excuse for lack of posts, been busy and moved studio to Custard factory, just getting it sorted here are some before images, it is big enough, light with a massive window with north light but best of all it’s Warm.

Vaillant Video Shoot

[youtube=] Finished video for Vaillant with some good editing and art direction by Jim at HROC

Video Shoot for Vailllant

Fluid heads, booms, jibs, lilliputs, hmi, Apple pro res, frame per second etc etc, all new stuff shooting video for Vailllant ,art direction and editing Jim Duncan HROC, hard but rewarding day.

Another Commission from Cisco

  Another commission from Cisco, Paula Dowdy. Vice President, European, Middle East, Africa and Russia, Make up by Katy Bird and assisted be Sue, at Cisco HQ, Feltham, London.