Marston’s Annual report Portraits

This year’s Marston’s annual report portrait session on location at the Lost and Found on Bennetts Hill, Birmingham centre.A bit more frantic than usual, three set-ups, 8 board members, very early start all done by 10 o’clock.Only just had enough soft boxes.

Thanks for the recommendation from Steve at Emperor Design


Mercia Fund management portraits

Don’t think they will use this one in the annual report !

New !! Secondhand Camera

My new Second hand Hasselblad H311, from the Procentre, my second Digital Blad. I am now in the enviable position of having two with one for back up!!

50 mega pixels giving a file output of 150mb, just need a more powerful computer, Bigger hard drive’s,Bigger data cards,more storage and more money to keep them both serviced.

Phil “the Power” Taylor

Phil “the Power” Taylor for Rave Communications, shot on the back of a video shoot at Top banana studios for Werner, with production by Ed Duffield at newlynproductions

Very nice Guy and extremely patient after a hard day.